Wednesday, January 2, 2013

So many excuses

A Pointless Picture of the Beautiful Wine Country

So, sorry about the lack of posts lately. Not sure that it really threw anybody else's schedule off, but my lack of posting really messed with mine. I do have some valid excuses though—are excuses ever really valid?—so I will list those below.

  1. I finished my B.A. I'm done with college. Omg. Oh, and I got all A's.
  2. Christmas and New Years came and went. Wonderful while they were here, sad now that they are gone.
  3. I got the obligatory winter's cold. I'm doing better. Thanks for asking.
  4. Friends took up all of my time. Thanks a lot, friends! But seriously, thanks, it was wonderful catching up :)
I think my list fairly justifies my absence. But now the excuses are no more. I will be back on a regular posting schedule with lots of thoughts to share with y'all. Those thoughts will eventually be coupled with better pictures as I was given a beautiful new camera for Christmas. I think my new baby deserves a post all her own.

I cannot wait to blog-up-a-storm in 2013. I have a feeling about this year. It's going to be a good one...

Til next time.

Friends and Dan on a Beautiful Day

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