Thursday, February 28, 2013

Black Boot Mama

The best closets contain basic essentials that when paired with anything else bring the outfit together. What do I consider essential? Well of course you need your perfect pair of dark wash skinny jeans (my current favorite are these from Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply), the perfect drapey white blouse, a well cut denim jacket, millions of soft crew or v-neck T's, and finally, a great black boot. Note: Obviously my essentials list goes on much further than this, but I am trying to look minimalistic, okay?

Black boots are classic in many senses and for me conjure up images of bikers, cowboys, gothic-Victorian ladies, and edgy fashionistas. And lets face it, we all want to look like a Victorian-biker-cowboy who is seriously fashion forward.

So here are my three favorite pairs of black boots at the moment.

These rough and tumble little ladies are my Jeffrey Campbell Rum Moto boots. As the name implies, they are inspired by the traditional motorcycle boot, except these have a sturdy high heel to lend some feminine flair to your biker-look. While not the worlds most comfortable shoe, I feel prepared for anything in these boots. Sidewalk cracks don't scare me when I am donning these babies!

These combat boots are a recent re-discovery for me. I'll admit that the resurgence of the combat boot sparked my interest in the trend, and just when I was this close to purchasing the Steve Madden "Troopa" boots that everyone and their mother has, I remembered purchasing these Nine West American Vintage boots for practically nothing during a massive Macy's shoe sale in the dead of summer. These boots are pretty straightforward, with the exception of the brass rivet at the top of the boot—which I love!

The newest addition to my black boot collection are these Report Ackley boots. I am attracted to all the features of these boots: gold hardware, comfortable cowboy-esque heel, side cutouts for air circulation, and matte-ish leather (looks better with wear!). I think these will be great in the spring and summer just as they have been this winter. I can see them with a pair of shorts or a sweet sun dress now...

My parting words on this subject is to remember that black boots are as versatile as your favorite jeans. Spring through winter, day or night, black boots fit the bill. So put them on and start living like the biker-cowboy you are!

Til next time.

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