Friday, September 14, 2012

loving your home

Living Room

As previously mentioned, I am a believer that home really is where the heart lies. I am a serious homebody, so I think it is essential to my way of life to make my home comfortable and a happy place to be.
Living Room, different angle
Dan and I spend the majority of our time in the living room. That's where the record player, stereo, and of course, the TV are located, so it makes sense that we congregate there.

Living rooms can easily become bogged down with ugly electronics and entertainment centers, so here are a few things that bring style to a space.

As if we didn't already know this, a vase of fresh flowers can add a fresh beauty to any space. In these pictures I have pink peonies, which I will miss so much with the coming of fall, but flowers of any kind really do wonders.

A good potted plant will also do. I love succulents and herbs.

Our succulents and herbs catching some sun

If you have hardwood floors, a rug is an opportunity to add flair and also warm up a room. In the case of my living room, we have a southwestern inspired rug, which was total steal at Cost Plus.

Another obvious but effective measure to take is adding pillows. I am not totally satisfied with our existing pillow collection, but muted colors are a good representation of what I like. I prefer soft, costal-inspired colors and fabrics. Greys, creams, and sage greens are great if you want to create a soothing pallet. If you go for pale colors, I recommend interesting textures such as faux fur or rough-woven fabrics to add dimension. And of course, pattern is always great!

Dan is a pre-law philosophy major and music lover

Finally, books add so much to any room. Dan is the curator of our book collection, so I credit him with the artful arrangements. Books are a great conversation topic, not to mention many of ours are just pretty! Making small stacks of them around the living room or on shelves adds a distinguished and artsy vibe.
Hippie-inspired books supporting a photo of my mom and her siblings in 1964 or '65...must find out!

The way to creating a space that you love is filling it with your favorite things. The main objective should be comfort, but I believe that can be easily done with style.

Til next time.

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