Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Matrimonial Wednesday...

Sorry for the continuation of Matrimonial ridiculously light schedule got the better of me.

—Have you ever noticed that when you have less to do less gets done???—

Anywho, today I want to talk about wedding fitness. Yes, wedding fitness is a thing. 

Moments after you say "yes!" to your proposal, your mind is filled with soft-focus images of your wedding day and of yourself in white. And I am sure I am not the only one who's imagined self images showcase a slimmer, more toned body. 

Shapely arms. A toned back. No jiggles or bulges. These are the things newly engaged women think about. 

In my quest for a better body, I have enlisted the help of good nutrition (post to follow!) and a motivating exercise routine.

I am a person who truly enjoys exercise. But what I do not enjoy is repetitive and monotonous exercise routines that leave you feeling bored. That's why I jump around between several forms of exercise. This method not only keeps you interested, but it also keeps your body guessing which tends to yield better (and faster) results. 

I feel slightly embarrassed to own this DVD set. However, the results are pretty amazing. I suffer from a less than voluptuous rear, and I think that this has really helped to lift my back side. The abs DVD from this set is also really good. Overall I consider this to be a pretty full body workout, so I use this in between a lot of the other types of exercise that I do. 

 Cardio Barre, and similar ballet inspired exercise, is great for lengthening and toning. I find that fat loss is less the goal of this kind of workout, with tightening and toning being the primary objective.
This terrible picture is of the barre that you do most of the exercises at. It's not only great for a workout, but it's an excellent stretching tool, which only helps you to look longer and leaner. 

Saving the best for last, my latest obsession is pilates. Currently I am doing a combination of these MTV pilates DVDs, although I also have Winsor Pilates and that is great, too! Pilates is mainly focused on the core/"power house"/abdominals. Strengthening these muscles helps with posture and alignment, not to mention that in order to strengthen those muscles properly and safely you must employ the use of your arms and legs which leads to the toning of the muscles found there. 

My results so far: After doing about a month and a half of Brazilian Butt Lift, I lost about 10lbs. After introducing the pilates and Cardio Barre, I have slimmed down further, although this hasn't been reflected on the scale. I dropped a pants size and my stomach is much flatter. I occasionally visit the gym, but my home workouts are very effective for me, not to mention meditative. 

I'd love to know what at home or gym workouts you do. Do you love spin? (I do!) Do you love boot camp classes? Do swear by Insanity or P90X? Let me know!

I'll continue to update this topic in the coming months. Becoming healthy and more physically fit is a continual process and journey, and I'd love to have company along the way. 

Til next time.

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