Wednesday, November 7, 2012

An Underwear Story...

I’m confused about underwear. Victoria Secret and Agent Provocateur make beautiful undergarments, but often forget about utility and functionality. Jockey and Hanes make some pretty comfortable undies, but they aren’t always the prettiest things. And possibly the biggest issue is that few brands make underwear that stand the test of washing and drying many times over again. What is a lady who wants comfort, cuteness, and longevity to do? Knock Out! Panties might just be the answer. 

Knock Out! kindly sent me a pair of panties of my choice several weeks ago. I am going to say this up front—had they not been offered to me for free, the price would have scared me a bit. I’m the girl that fishes for underwear out of the 4 pairs for $20 bin, so $34 was kinda hard to swallow. I’ll admit, I did very little research on the brand before my pair arrived (saving the element of surprise!) but I would soon discover the reason behind the price and the joys of a great pair of undies.

After some deliberation, I went with the Lacy Panty, which is their “Signature Knock Out! Style,” in the color Lilac. Upon receiving them, I did a bit of reading, a bit of research, and discovered that these are no ordinary drawers. These underwear do triple duty by having a breathable cotton fabric, moisture wicking fibers, and odor absorbing molecules. They call these three actions “No Trace Technology,” which is a technology that Knock Out! has patented. I can confirm that I experienced the no trace, even after 45 minutes of serious cardio exercise!

Here are the things I love about Knock Out! Panties: They’re comfortable (sooo comfortable), they offer just enough coverage, they wash and dry perfectly while maintaining their shape, and they are very pretty (the Lilac lace is so gorgeous).

Here are the things I’m not so hot about: They show lines through thin-fabric bottoms, and of course, the price. The price is the real bone of contention here. But, I think with the amount of things that these knickers have going on, you have to expect a high price, and for some, they are completely worth it.

Who would I recommend these to: Everybody! But specifically, people who work out heavily, people who sweat quite a bit, and possibly, women looking for good maternity undies. I told a friend of mine (who just had a baby) that I think these would be excellent for pregnant or postpartum women who want something more supportive and comfortable, but still something that retains a “cute factor.”

Overall, I think Knock Out! is great. Their customer service is excellent, their site is adorable, and their products are darn cute while still being durable. Did I mention that Oprah likes Knock Out!? Well, she does, and that’s good enough for me. 

Til next time. 


  1. Replies
    1. And you can have it! It's a pair of Knockout! Panties away!


  2. I agree with you, Holly! Underwear should not only be beautifully designed and comfortable, but should also last long and remain in good shape even when washed and dried for numerous times already. When I’m giving my wife a pair of undies as a gift, I always make sure that it is of good quality.
    -Ted Juhl