Monday, November 5, 2012

Matrimonial Monday!

Photograph Taken by Marcy Silveira

Not much to report by the way of my wedding this week. Above is a picture of a venue that I visited. The absolutely gorgeous Annadel Estate Winery. It's definitely a contender.

In the meantime, there have been a few things that have been inspiring or exciting me for my own wedding. Thought I'd share some of them.

Photo Courtesy of Style Me Pretty

I love the idea of having throw blankets as wedding favors. In your wedding colors, they can make a festive and practical gift.

Photo Courtesy of

Having one or two signature cocktails has become very popular and I can see why. It's a money saver compared to having an open, full bar, and the cocktail can be an expression of the couple. My cocktail would probably be fresh and fruity, but not too sweet. And it would have gin...

Photo Courtesy of Here

I have always known that candlelight would play a big part in my wedding. I love the idea from the picture above of using old wine bottles as candle holders. (Mr. Kate has a great blog post about how to do this yourself!) It's simple and inventive, chic and rustic. It's just lovely. 

There are so many fun and beautiful ideas to put to use when planning a wedding. However, maintaining simplicity is hugely important to me, so I want to choose carefully. 

Are there any trends or wedding ideas that you are loving right now? I'm always looking for more ideas, so tell me about them!

Til next time. 

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