Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Night Out...

On Saturday night, Dan and I joined our friends and some family to celebrate Dan's brother's 21st birthday. I knew it would be a night to remember some way or another, so I decided to dress up a bit.

I always aim for simplicity when dressing to go out, so I went with these black coated H&M skinny jeans and a sheer taupe blouse from Forever21. This acted as an easy and comfortable base to which I added fun accessories.

This old black leather clutch is from the Gap of all place. I love the gold studding and the floppy-fold style of it.

Black booties are a must for fall and winter, so on this semi-brisk October night I went with these tried and true leather BCBG booties.

Possibly may favorite element of this outfit was this bib-necklace from Forever21. The mint beading felt vintage, while the gold and crystal made it night appropriate. It transformed the outfit into something special.

My nails being mint and taupe was not an accident...

We had such a great time. Craig (Dan's brother), among others, got appropriately intoxicated. We didn't get home until 2am, by then my feet were nearly pulverized from being in heels for eight hours, but I feel these are all signs of a good time.

Til next time.


  1. Hey! Jenna Pardini sent me! I love this outfit!! It's so cute & totally something I would wear! I love the necklace you paired with it. And your nails are fabulous!!! I wish I was talented with my nails like that. I love your hair color too!! Very pretty!! Come by MessyDirtyHair sometime & say hello!

    1. Hi Kelly! I'm so glad that Jenna sent you :) Thanks for all the really sweet compliments! The nails were so easy! I'll have to do a post about them. I'm excited to check your blog out—love love love the name!!