Thursday, October 11, 2012

Copper Mirror

Copper and rose gold metallic tones seem to be having a moment. So when I found a cheap black mirror at Target, I thought, why not paint it copper? So I did...


DIY Tips:

  • Spray paint has an annoying way of getting into the smallest of spaces. Make sure you tape off and tightly cover anything you don't want painted. But...if your excitement gets the better of you and you don't cover everything perfectly, a razor can be used to scrape off any rogue paint. Just be gentle. 
  • Rust-oleum makes really good metallic spray paint. I recommend it! (Especially in the "copper")
  • Let it dry fully! Embedded finger prints aren't me. 
Our Beautiful New Mirror Now Resides in our Bathroom

I feel that this mirror has lent a Moroccan feel to our bathroom, and I love it.

Have any DIY's that you are working on? Let me know!

Til next time.


  1. Wow that turned out awesome, the color is perfect and looks great on your wall.


  2. Thanks! Seriously, the copper spray paint is my new favorite thing. Before long, my whole condo will be copper!

    Thanks for stopping by and reading :)
    <3 Holly