Monday, October 15, 2012

Matrimonial Monday!

Weddings are a business, and a part of that business are bridal magazines. 

They come in all shapes and sizes. They talk about venues, flowers, etiquette, bridal makeup, food, trends, and of course, the dress. They all talk about the same things with slight variations, and yet, many brides feel the need to collect as many as there are published. I'm not saying I don't fall into this category, but there are a few things I have learned along the way.

Martha Stewart Weddings

After my first round of collecting every bridal magazine I could find, I quickly discovered my favorites. One of those favorites is Martha Stewart Weddings. Lets be honest, Martha Stewart knows how to make things beautiful. The photos and inspiring ideas in her wedding magazines are so good that you could plan your dream wedding just based on a single volume. But, it's fun to collect Martha's mags, as I never tire of another beautifully done table scape or perfect appetizer menu.

The Knot
The Knot is an amazing resource when planning your wedding. When I first got engaged, I thought The Knot was just online, but when Dan and I went to do a little registering (post to follow!) we were given a Northern California-specific magazine from The Knot. This is great, as it has lists of venues and vendors, and beautiful photographs to go along. Finding area specific resources is so important, as it helps you to see what is in your area and therefore in the realm of possibilities...

I don't think every bridal magazine on the market is necessary. Not by far. However, it is all part of the experience. Flipping through bridal magazines with your mom, friends, or even your future husband is fun and exciting. You bounce ideas off each other, and that is how you begin to envision your dream wedding.

So go out and pick a few bridal magazines up. They aren't that expensive, they are good resources if you put them to good use, and they get you excited about what will be the most wonderful day of your life.

Til next time.

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