Friday, October 5, 2012

Goals of Mine

From time to time, I have an ambitious combustion within me that makes me want to set goals. I know. It's weird.

I doubt I am alone in always promising myself I will do something, but then forgetting about it or becoming too busy to finish it. But not this time. This time I am going to get stuff done!

So here is my list of goals for, lets say, the next month.

  1. Finish the book I am reading and start a new one. 

I am about two-thirds of the way done with this book. It's excellent, by the way. As far as reading goes, this is about the point where I walk away...Trying to break that habit.

After I am done with Wild, I'd like to read The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan, or Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry. Both have been recommended to me. But, I think a an epic story is more appropriate for fall (not sure what seasons have to do with it...), so I think McMurtry may win.

      2.  Organize my clothes and my closet.

Have you heard of spring cleaning? Well, I skipped that this year and it shows!

There is absolutely no way I will be adding a photo of the disaster that is our bedroom. But believe me when I say it needs some serious attention. And it needs a dresser. Maybe that will be addressed within the next month, too. 

     3.  Cook and bake seasonal dishes.

I love to bake and I like to cook—cooking is more Dan's thing—but sometimes I just decide to skip it because of the money and the mess. However, around this time of year I love making dishes that utilize the season's best fresh vegetables and fruits. Soups, chili, tarts, and scones are things I love to make when the colder weather blows in. Nothing is cozier than the smell of fresh baked or cooked meals wafting through your home. 
I baked a little something last night. Post to follow.
     4.  Host a get together.

Fall and Halloween are some of my favorite times of the year. I have always wanted to host a Halloween party, but have never made it happen. My plan: make some good spiked punch and finger food, dim lights and Halloween decorations abound, and have a constant stream of scary movies. Sounds like my Halloween-dream.

The Exorcist and Halloween will certainly be in the movie rotation.

    5.  Enjoy all the season has to offer.

I plan on taking walks in the park while the leaves are changing, ordering the over-sugared pumpkin and ginger bread drinks at coffee shops, and staying home with a glass of red wine while watching The Walking Dead. Why wouldn't this be every one's favorite season?

What are your goals or plans for this time of year?

Til next time. 

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  1. Ou, I wanna read WILD, love a hiking story, like Bryson's "A Walk in the Woods," the Appachlian (?) trail, SO funny.

    FURNITURE?! Check out THEJunkyardGypsy in FB, she has AMAZING shabby-chic furniture, just got a hexagon table w/leaf, 5 chairs, 4 pillows, for $160 with trade in chair!

    I did my spring cleaning this fall too, 'tis good.