Thursday, October 18, 2012

Monotone : Cranberry Lips and Eyes

A makeup trend that I am really loving is monotone colors. Matching lips and eyes. And while this could be potentially very unflattering, I think if it is done properly, it can look beautiful and sophisticated.

To create this look, start out with whatever foundation routine you follow. I like a medium-full coverage look, so I chose Laura Mercier's Silk Creme Foundation. This foundation has fantastic, creamy coverage. I also find that I don't always have to use a concealer with it, so this time, I didn't.

Then, blend a bit of blush or bronzer onto the cheeks. I used Benefit's Dallas, as it looks like a bronzed-blush.

On the eyes, I packed MAC's Sweet Chestnut onto the lids, then with a clean blending brush, blended it upward to the crease. Another perfect color for this would be MAC's Cranberry. They are very similar.

Finally, the lips. I used Sephora's Pleasant Plum lip liner followed by MAC's Odyssey lipstick. This combo created a reddish-plum tone, which seems to be very popular these days in cosmetics, clothes, shoes, bags...

This look ends up appearing done up, but in a very simple way. It is a good example of letting color be the focus. I get tired of using multiple eyeshadows, blushes and bronzers, foundation, concealer, and powder. Some days, easy color is best.

Til next time.


  1. I think you look gorgeous, girl! Loving the dark colors. So perfect for the Fall season!
    xo TJ

    1. Thanks, TJ! I'm all about the dark lips and eyes right now. Thanks for reading and commenting!