Monday, October 22, 2012

Matrimonial Monday!

I can't imagine anything more important than to be organized when you are planning a wedding. Even when organization reigns, you still feel like you are pulled in every direction while getting little accomplished, so imagine what being disorganized would look like...

Some peoples answer to this potential problem is to hire a wedding planner. This is great if you have money to spare, but few of us do, so the more economical option is a wedding planner— a binder with pages that help you to secure every detail of your wedding. 

This is the wedding planner I received from my mom almost minutes after Dan proposed. It contains tabs for everything from ceremony and reception, to honeymoon & beyond. It gives advice on saving money, recommendations on how to hire vendors, and traditional wedding etiquette. It has slots for business cards, folders for pamphlets and brochures, and spreadsheets aplenty. This binder is a one stop shop for every detail you could possibly want to incorporate into your wedding.

I will admit that I have not even scratched the surface on utilizing this tool. However, I plan too. Get it?

So, when you get engaged, I would recommend that one of your first steps be to get organized. And, that first step may involve the purchase of your very own wedding planner.

Til next time.

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