Monday, October 8, 2012

Matrimonial Monday!

Our Engagement Party Invitations

I have to say, I have been dreading this post as there are millions of photos to sort through, tons of details to mention, and so many people to thank for making the day as amazing as it was. I will try my best, but I can guarantee that this post will not do the day justice! On with the post...

The day after Dan and I got engaged, my family was already discussing our engagement party. I had envisioned a semi-casual get together, but what actually took place was much more beautiful and special.

The party was in the late afternoon, so we decided on a menu that would be both appetizers and a dinner stand-in. 

We served: mushrooms stuffed with truffled cheese, salmon mouse on cucumber slices, tri-tip skewers with wasabi and horseradish dipping sauces, pulled pork sliders, smoked chicken quesadillas with blackberry compote, and an assortment of breads, cheeses, and fruit. For dessert we had Sift cupcakes—truly amazing. To drink: wine, beer, and champagne. 

A Glass of Rosé Brut and a Pink Champagne Cupcake

Decoration, and most specifically, flowers are hugely important to me and my grandmother (we had the party at my grandparents house). So we had a friend, and owner of Dragonfly Floral, create rustic and feminine arrangements for the tables. They were so gorgeous...I'm still mad at myself for not drying them to hold on to. 

Most of our friends and family were at the party. To put in pictures of everyone would require many, maaaany blog posts, so instead, here is one of my favorites! I hope to get more family pictures soon, and when I do, I'll post those. 

Long Time Friends

We ended the evening at two downtown dive bars. I love a good dive, don't you?  It was the perfect juxtaposition between an elegant afternoon party and a down and dirty bar. 

The day was a huge success. Everyone's love and support for Dan and me was very moving. We could not ask for a better group of people supporting our journey to becoming man and wife. We are so lucky...

Once again, to those who were there, those who helped plan, and those who are reading this and joining us on our path to marriage, thank you.

Til next time. 


  1. Great condensed share/version....those flower arrangements WERE gorgeous....pretty tough to dry, lots of silicone?

  2. Thanks! They were so beautiful...and whimsical. I will definitely be saving some from the wedding.