Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What I Bought

Do you like my cheesy spiderwebs? 
Sorry for the lack of posts...there is no excuse.

I have never been a fan of the term "haul." It sounds greedy and and unpleasant, so instead I will be terming shopping posts "What I Bought." Now that we're clear about that, let me show you some new things!

With Fall being officially here—although you wouldn't know it from the insane heat we've been having in California—I decided to buy some outfit basics. These items can act as the base for any outfit, and can be mixed and matched accordingly. 

The common thread (get it? Ha...) to these clothing items is that they were mostly on the cheap.

Hello Forever21, Target, and Macy's!
I am a jeans/pants girl through and through. Occasionally during the fall I will wear a dress or a skirt with a pair of opaque tights, but the majority of my time is spent in jeans or pants. So I decided to add to my collection by buying two pairs (you may see to follow on those trousers) at Forever21.

Hunter Green Skinny Trouser and Distressed Skinny Jeans
Both of these pairs are by a brand within F21 called "Life in Progress." I tried on several pairs by this brand and really liked all of them. They fit well, are extremely comfortable, and true to F21 style, quite cheap—$27.80 for each. 

Of course, the F21 website does not have either pair up for purchase, but I will do an OOTD with both of these soon. 

Woven Blouse in Cocoa
I can never have too many sheer, relaxed fit blouses. They can be casual or dressed up, and they always look more sophisticated than a simple t-shirt. This blouse was $17.80, and I believe it came in several colors in addition to the taupe. Not much else to say other than it is comfortable and goes with everything. It will definitely be making an appearance in a future blog post.

Woven High-Low Blouse in Black
This blouse is slightly more interesting than the previous one. The buttons are gold, which is great for fall and adds an elegant detail. The high-low style is great for legging style pants. 
One of my favorite details to this blouse is that the back hem is split, almost like the tails on a tux. For $19.80, I consider this blouse a solid investment, as it is a unique interpretation of a staple piece. 

Mossimo Camis
So boring...but these camis are cheap—$8 a piece—and very comfortable. The built in "shelf" bra as it is called is not too supportive; a plus in my eyes as I always wear a bra with camis anyway. They are thin enough to be breathable, thick enough to do the job...I dig 'em. 

Born Arletta Oxfords
I have long coveted the look of oxfords. Taylor Swift and SF hipsters wear them so darn well! I have also longed for comfortable shoes, but that never seems to be a priority when I shoe-shop. 

I came across these several weeks ago when I was passing through Macy's. Trying them on, my feet felt like they had died and gone to heaven. The price, even with my countless coupons and the fact that they were already on sale, was slightly discouraging. I was leaning toward giving them up when this woman approached me and asked where I got my shoes in an excited and frantic tone. I knew then that I had to have them. Flattery gets me every time. 

I believe they came to about $70 after the coupons (yes, they are expensive) but they are oh-so comfortable and perfect for the season. Did I mention the laces are velvet ribbon? I die. 

That about does this blog post. Far too long. I need to curtail the rambling. 

I intend... I will be doing a post using these pieces. I will also be doing a post with more fall-ish things, as I can already think of two items that were left out of this post... oh well!

Til next time.

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